Bandırma 17 Eylul University Campus - Project Description :

The most important target of the project is to bring a modern, contemporary university campus to the city of Bandirma with its intensive education and social facilities program. A campus is much valuable if its a  part of the city; day by day living, where different interactions are experienced.

The main design criteria of the project was  to create  as a holistic system; in the subscale the existing datas of the project area (topography, transportation, current routes, phases) was taken into account while considering the location of Bandırma in the upper scale.

This system includes a main artery, which will provide passable pedestrian use in the nature to feed the development areas to be built at different times, and interesting, living, readable small squares (courtyards) attached to it. This network, which is related to each other, will also reflect the texture of a transparent and clear hierarchy that a city should have at the same time.

In order to be a above mentioned campus, design decisions were taken from 4 basic points;

1. Understanding location- establishing the relationship between the city and the design area

2. Relation of the design area to the nearby environment and settlement development zones

3. Program and activity analysis - creation of a sustainable organization that can live and develop in time

4. Formation of the settlement fiction by examining the internal-external problems of the design area

Project Details :

Date : 14.02.2017

Title : Bandırma 17 Eylul University Campus

Client : Bandırma University

Location : Bandırma,Balıkesir

Area : 500.000 m²

Status : 3rd Prize

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