Bitlis Ahlat Young Camp - Project Description :

Ahlat settlement was established on the Tatvan-Adilcevaz road in the east-west direction,  at the north bounded by Suphan Mountain and at the east  by the Van lake. The city grows in an east-west direction parallel to the lake of Van.


Such a subject  can not be considered disconnected from public. But we also know that a youth camp should be a sheltered area.  We created 3 zones all over the area to overcome this challange. Gray area is more sheltered and semi-autonomous. The green zone is completely public space. The third orange region is a common shared area as an intersection-threshold area. In this region, the youth camp users and the public are mixed together and can be separated from each other to create common use.

We find it right to create a void in the middle based on the limits of the construction boundry  to create our own sheltered - shared living space. We are tearing this common area to relate to the parkland in the west and the existing football field in the east. We then break down the main volumes and side schedules from the different parts and units that are fed from this common area, so as to bring the above urban sense feeling above to make them intensely related through open spaces.

South Area: The formation of water sports and social units is a fragmented structure in the southern region which is connected to the northern region continuously by vertical connection backbone. The only difference is that these structures were chosen as the light structure construction system. The western side of the vertical barn dividing the southern region into two is designed as a sports-recreation and beach on the eastern side of water sports. The vertical linking spine formed a pier by Van Lake. This vertical linking spine is also a walk-run track.

Project Details :

Date : 14.06.2017

Title : Bitlis Ahlat Young Camp

Client : Bitlis Government

Location : Bitlis Ahlat

Area : 5.895 m²

Status : 1st Mention Prize

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