Gwangji Library - Project Description :

Gwangju, one of the metropels of South Korea, is a place with a developing youth population  and art culture. The city, which is famous for its art galleries and biennials, is also one of the most virtous city of South Korean history. In addition to its historical and cultural features, its natural beauty is at the forefront. By adopting these facts, we have focused on a design approach that will reflect these inputs.

When we started our design, we asked ourselves some questions;

1-How should the future libriary exist in the surrounding area and in the urban texture?

2- How should we compose the land use plan to devise a  reasonable open space plan?

3-How should the staging of the whole area be made, what should the incinator to be transformed and how can a holistic design be made at the end of the second phase?

4-How can the new public libriary  be a part of the southern park texture?

5-How can a new library concept be created?

6-How can the interior dynamism of the libriary be kept and create a place that can live 24 hours a day?

7- How can the new libriary building  be ecological?

The answers we will generate to these questions will form our design approach to create the best  proposal for the City Main Libriary of Gwangju.

Project Details :

Date : 01.02.2020

Title : Gwangji Library

Client : Gwangji Municipality

Location : Gwangj, South Korea

Area : 11500 m²

Status : Competition

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