Istanbul Technical University School of Business Administration - Project Description :

We believe that the right thing for the philosophy of education should be to adopt human-oriented approaches in parallel with this development, in today's world where the "industrial societies", which lead the world to rapid development, have become "information societies". Training volumes should go beyond being physical spaces. Educational spaces should be designed as spaces that encourage group work outside the traditional classroom setting, break artificial barriers between people, encourage cooperation, active learning, and provide dynamic and flexible environments that accelerate innovation. In short, we believe that one of the most important conditions of quality and original education is qualified buildings. We think that the qualities of educational buildings are determined by the social focus and flexible space understanding, and the designs that establish a correct relationship with the city-near environment and nature.

We attach great importance to being in the right relationship with the place. We believe that the building will gain its originality when the data of the place guide the design. We paid great attention to our design to be a part of the campus, to establish a correct relationship with the historical buildings around it and to stand in the city at the right scale. In our analysis of the surrounding environment, we determined the rows of buildings formed by small-scale structures holding on to the roads and the inner courtyards they left in the middle. When viewed from above, it is an orderly but problematic area when viewed from the inside.

On-campus settlement is completely different. A settlement built of large-scale structures in the northwest-southeast direction stands out. In this urban texture, we find it right to be there, to stand somewhere between the large buildings in the campus - small buildings in the city, to settle in the northwest-southeast direction, to keep the roadside-competition area boundaries, and to leave an open area inside - a courtyard. The courtyard we left inside will enable us to create a threshold that maintains the continuity of green for the campus, emphasizing respect for the past, both as a part of the campus and between the historical buildings on the campus and the new structure.

Project Details :

Date : 21.01.2020

Title : Istanbul Technical University School of Business Administration

Client : Istanbul Technical University

Location : İstanbul

Area : 22750 m²

Status : Competition

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