Karin Dom Children Healthcare Center - Project Description :

The building of the Karin Dom Foundation, which provides special services for children with special needs and their families, and which contains very valuable meanings such as early intervention, being a resource and education center, should also be designed with special meanings.

For this reason, while the spatial setup that reflects the special situation of the foundation, the discussion of the following issues guided us.

1. Interaction with the urban texture,

2. Interaction with the plot area and the close environment,

3. Functionality of the new building and interaction with children with special needs,

4. Sustainability and ecology,

5. Feasibility

As the meaning of the subtle subject of the building, which will be designed by examining the above issues, it will be valuable to design such a building that will have words to say to the users and to the urban environment.

Project Details :

Date : 23.01.2020

Title : Karin Dom Children Healthcare Center

Client :

Location : Sofia, Bulgaria

Area : 2000 m²

Status : Competition

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