Merzifon Trade and Life Center - Project Description :

The zoning situation of the project area is clearly defined by its limits and functions. This clear definition spontaneously determines how this inland structure will be positioned. Therefore, we tried to establish the definition of this defined structure by dealing with how this area will interact with the city and how the city will behave in the continuity of the fluid.

The project area is the center of the Merzifon district. We care much about the design of the area and its design in terms of urban, social, continuity, close environmental (historical region), green texture .... Therefore, the progeny to serve the city society-to exist within the city continuity and to take part in everyday-fluid life constituted the main idea of ​​our project.

At the beginning of the project, we created our design approach by considering three problems.

· First, understanding the spirit of the present city and ensuring its continuity in the project area

· The second is to create the fur together with the area and the immediate surroundings of the structure

· The third is to define the function diagram by determining the internal problems of the field

These problems can be both an individual and a whole that has meaning in the abstract plane in the name of a structure-city relation understood by physical existence, used by being integrated with the people, associated with the structure and urban space we design for what we mean by associating them with each other.

Project Details :

Date : 15.08.2017

Title : Merzifon Trade and Life Center

Client : Merzifon Municipality

Location : Merzifon

Area : 8000 m²

Status : 1st Mention Prize

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