Süleymanpaşa City Hall - Project Description :

The competiton area of the new Suleymanpasa Town Hall is located at the central town of Tekirdağ which has been used as city bus terminal for many years  with a great view of Marmara Sea.

The main inputs of the design generated by investigation of  social situation, urban fluidity, environmental factors, green texture around the site thus our proposal can be ensured to have correct solution in the problematic urban texture. Therefore serving the city community and taking part in daily life constituted the main idea of our project.

The area of ​​design we want to integrate with the city and the people will become a part of the people-city and strengthen the local government-city relationship, with the urban decisions that we have analyzed in the first place, such as the relation of green continuity, transportation links and focal points. We propose a piecemeal system in the project area to ensure that the size of the area is assessed on a human scale. With this fragmentation, the green texture, voids and streets around the area were maintained in the area and the area was united with the structural integrity of the city - social life. Our design can be read in 2 kinds.

1. Small city parts come together to make a whole.

2. The large mass that makes up the bubble is broken down into smaller units that will form functions to descend into the human scale.

Project Details :

Date : 21.06.2017

Title : Süleymanpaşa City Hall

Client : Süleymanpaşa Municipality

Location : Tekirdağ

Area : 21312 m²

Status : 2nd Prize

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