Uzundere Cemevi - Project Description :

When we examine the history of Alevism, we see that this society has never experienced its freedom freely. This society has almost always acted with a hiding reflex and has been able to sustain its cultural tradition by paying a hefty price.

We believe that the Cemevids should exist and define themselves as a worship structure. What is important is how these places of worship will create designs that are humble, human-sized, respectful to nature, and respectful to the environment, that reflect their worldviews, symbolic and symbolic values ​​are not overemphasized, that fulfill their social and cultural needs as part of the Alevi beliefs.

Alevism believes in many varieties. This diversity actually represents a situation that we must take as examples at a time when we must learn to accept and respect differences as the whole society. When designing a structure related to Alevism, which has a democratic understanding that holds diversity in itself, as it is described in the phrase "the way is a thousand and a thousand", it will depend on what you want to do without forming formal forms, defending continuous development and change instead of creating a typological structure. we tried to create a design.

We believe that the relationship between the desired area of ​​the project to be done and the work that will meet the rites of Alevis must be established from the above admission. That is why we will pass on our design to two specific topics. The first one is to make it in the project area and examine the topics such as village, environment, topography, primetime, place ........ so that the settlement can be formed. The second is the contextual information we build with Alevi ideas for the enthusiast.

Project Details :

Date : 21.12.2017

Title : Uzundere Cemevi

Client : Karabağlar Municipality

Location : İzmir

Area : 5000 m²

Status : 3rd Prize

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